Indian is an American brand of motorcycle originally produced from 1901 to 1953 in Springfield, Massachusetts, United States. The motorcycles were initially produced under the name Hendee Manufacturing Company, but the name was changed to the Indian Motorcycle Manufacturing Company in 1928.
The brand is famed as 'America's first motorcycle company', it pre-dates Harley-Davidson, the only other major manufacturer to survive the Great Depression.

Indian is currently owned by Polaris Industries, parent company of Victory Motorcycles, with motorcycles produced in  Minnesota and Iowa.


An Indian Scout has held the land speed record for motorcycles under 1,000cc since 1967, the record for the class still stands today. This record is held by the late Burt Munro, famed in the 2005 feature film 'The World's Fastest Indian'.

On 30th July 2017, while testing a 2017 'Spirit of Munro' commemorative Scout for the 50th anniversary of this record, Burt's great-grandnephew Lee Munro broke the current record for the 'Modified Partial Streamliner' 1,350cc class.

Chet Michaelson, an Indian engine calibration technician also holds the record in the 'Modified-Pushrod Gasoline' 2,000cc class on a 2015 Indian Chief Classic, set on the same day. Also at the same test, Dan Gervais, Indian's senior engine calibration technician gained the third land speed record for the company, riding a lightly modified 2015 Scout in the 'Modified-Gasoline' 1,350cc class.

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