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New Suzuki Moto MGP & BSB clothing

In our Hillsborough showroom, 02892689777 and Ballymena showroom, 02825631000.

We have a full range of Moto Moto GP, BSB team & team Classic clothing. It doesn't matter whether you follow Andrea Iannone, Richard CooperSylvain Guintoli or local rider "Micky D"

Everything from Ponchos and baseball caps to tee shirts, polo shirts, body warmers, fleeces, softshell jackets....even umbrellas.

Prices start from £5 for a lanyard for your paddock pass/keys, £25 for a casual tee shirt to £72 for a (Northern Ireland summer jacket) softshell windbreaker jacket.

Come along and treat yourself or someone else to this year's race colours and show your support for the Suzuki race teams.

Paddock Belt

Paddock BELT® is a unique way to relax the upper part of your 1 piece leathers whilst relaxing with a cool drink after a ride out, walking around at race meets or working in the paddock putting tyre warmers on or just relaxing before the next event.

£15.00 *

Paddock Pouch

Paddock POUCH™ is a great accessory to Paddock BELT® and has been carefully designed with the rider in mind knowing you will want to hold such items like sun glasses, mobile phones, keys, wallet and any other loose items you may have with you.

£7.00 *
Prices incl. VAT, plus delivery