The grunty litre weapon is getting a nice little spread of upgrades for 2019.

First up, on the posh ‘R’ version, we get a new adjustable swingarm pivot point. That’s more for the benefit of the likes of Brad Ray and Billy McConnell than me and you – moving the pivot is for very advanced racers and top teams lookng for ultimate track setup abilities. But the neat adjuster plates do add a dash of race chic to the Suzuki’s frame. The R also gets new stainless steel braided brake hoses, which will give improved braking power and feel, and also last longer.

The base GSX-R1000 gets the excellent up- and down- quickshifter as seen on the ‘R’ model last year, putting it on par with the best in the class. It’s 2019 people, litre-superbike riders shouldn’t be wearing out their talus bones with needless foot movements…

Finally, both bikes now come on Bridgestone RS11 instead of RS10 tyres, and the massive exhaust can is now a slightly more subtle black, with a brushed finish heatshield and end cap.

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